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Creating little or no waste the size of the openings and struts in the special Variable Web-perforated Optimal Beams vary, according to the given dynamic load and manufacturing requirements. Dimensional variability is made possible by the use of rotationally symmetric rectangular and/or curved cutting lines. The option of erecting circular traced beams is particularly beneficial in the case of dynamically loaded and/or aesthetically higher standard structures and fitting well to High-Tech trends.

In accordance with the new method the angular traced beams are clear of waste; the circular traced beams have little waste only:

beam type

amount of waste

length of cutting

length of welding

angular traced beams


1330 mm / m

330 mm / m

circular traced beams

1/6th area of hollows

2430 mm / m

330 mm / m

Depending on the sections employed and structural conditions, the span of the beams can accomodate 90 meters, and even 45-meter overhung supports such as stadium bleachers (for example: linear axis, bended axis beams, cantilevered beams, constant or varied height beams).

By employing such techniques a weight reduction of 15-35% and a reduction of 10-20% of the surfaces to be treated can be achieved. By default material, transportation, lifting, assembly, galvanization, surface treatment, and fireproofing costs are reduced. Compared to standard techniques this can typically allow construction cost savings of at least 10%. Altogether a more valuable and spectacular project can emerge.

The steel (or aluminium) beams can be widely used in combination with reinforced concrete structures in the construction, machinery, and ship-building industries.

Optimal design variations can also achieved in accordance with the approximate load bearing capacity calculations by EUROCODE (and also by MSZ – Hungarian Standards). At the same time it is possible to develop different options with different sections and/or cutting. The chosen version (“the optimum of the optimum”) could be verified by standard engineering software. The fabrication is carried out by computer aided cutting.




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